With the Optional Financial Liability Insurance, Seyyare Fleet guarantees the material and physical damage which may be given to third parties.

The worn tires of the hired vehicles are replaced with tires of the type and size prescribed by the company at the end of use. Tire changes are provided free of charge. 1 set of winter tires also provided during the lease period if the customer has contractual conditions.

We provide road assistance in case of damage notification and emergencies as soon as you reach us. By calling SEYYARE Automotive Assists Road Assistance Line 24/7, you can benefit from a wide range of services such as towing, rescue, traveling, accommodation and medical assistance.

SEYYARE’s Professional fleet management approach enables you to continue your business in any situation. In case you can not continue your trip because of any reason related to your vehicle across Turkey, Seyyare Fleet’s widespread service network offers you the most appropriate vehicle for your needs quickly and safely.

Damage management of the vehicles that you get operational fleet management services is carried anywhere in Turkey by the negotiated network service and performed by expert teams quickly and safely. Seyyare, which provides online/ real-time connection with service points through its own software and advanced infrastructure, offers high quality services by following all transactions effectively and on time.

If you choose SEYYARE, we provide HGS/OGS managemet services and performs the bureaucratic and operational processes related to the procurement of devices and labels for your vehicle with our expert team so our customers will easily benefit from these services.

With Fleet Reporting Service, you can quickly and effortlessly review detailed information about your fleet. You can easily access many data you may need, such as the number of vehicles in your fleet, brand distributions,technical specifications,service records,traffic fine records,and ensure the effective management of your fleet and control of your expenses.

Thanks to the fleet tracking services that you can choose according to your preference, you can follow the vehicles in our fleet 7/24 continuously and adapt it to your work flow. According to the preferred fleet tracking package, you can effortlessly Access many data such as the locations of the vehicles, the driving features of the drivers, and the maintenance/repair status of the vehicles, thus saving time and unnecessary costs and thus providing effective fleet management.