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  • 6 Nisan, 2020

Seyyare Automotive,  fleet car rental company where customer satisfaction is more important than commercial concers, stands out with its high customer satisfaction in annual and monthly car rental services.

Annual Car Rental Services with Experienced Staff

Ankara Seyyare Automotive continues to be the first choice of those want to get economical fleet car rental service. Thanks to fairly large fleet providing service in all of the cities in Turkey, Seyyare Automotive stands out as a company with the highest customer satisfaction amogst others.
Outstanding quality standard, industry experience, customer-oriented service approach and strong financial structure made Seyyare Automotive the most preferred annual and monthly rental company. You, as well, do not miss the opportunity to get rental service from our trained, experienced and friendly staff.

Regular Periodic Maintenance!

Seyyare Automotive, annual car rental company in Ankara, owes its high custmoer satisfaction in the fleet car rental sector to its regular periodic maintenance services. You can reach Seyyare Automotive support team through the call center and get detailed information about the periodic maintenance of your rented vehicle.

7/24 Online Support!

Our expert staff who know the importance of the fact that solution-oriented services in annual and monthly rental services, offers you 7/24 accessibility. Seyyare Automotive customer representatives will help you anytime so that you will benefit from rental services witohut any problems.

Unlimited Traffic Insurance!

Seyyare Automotive, annual car rental company in Ankara, offers unlimited traffic insurance services to all customers who benefit from its fleet car rental services so that you do not have to pay any additional fees under the name of insurance expenses of your rented car.

If you want to get more information about our rental services from our experienced staff, you can call 0312 442 36 66 at any time of the day.


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